Saturday, November 12, 2005

thinking of next year

I am in the process of thinkin of next year in terms of racing but also in terms of life and my commitment to living it. Thinks on the agendy for next year....
1. organic food, and learning to cook, right now I hate to eat at home, I suck in other words
2. pilates...I need to be more flexible, the core is ok, but the flexibility is a huge issue
3. even less driving...sell cars, get biodesiel for now
4. learn to sew... someone needs to make quality clothing with style and function other than Mr Fassbinder
5. commiment to reading and learning new ideas. we as humans must learn more each day so that we can make positive changes
6. Less alcohol...I have been enjoying lots lately.
7. do races that dont cost much and are more like rides. Maybe only one where I go in circles for hours. Not that I dont love 24 hr races but I like to ride as well.
8. Fixed off road a bit, at least seeing what it is all about.

For now that is the basic list, it will change, parts may be deleted, or added. think about it. We must be the change we want to see in the world, one of my favorite ghandi quotes. Breakfast calls. more later

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Hjalti said...

I kow just from where you are coming. I'm constanlty in a struggle to live deliberately and more aware.

1. Organic is good. There are genuine healthy options in "regular food" too. A garden is a blessing. Look into the Slow Food movement.

2. If you're worried about flexibility now, just wait......

4. A good machine is half the battle.

6. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

7. Riding bikes is good!

8. I'm just a neophyte at this, but see #7.

Best of luck!