Friday, November 04, 2005

so much has been going on....

So since moving to Seattle I have been in constant motion trying to settle in to my new life, and still keep track of it all and write it down for all to view. Well as of late I have fallen a little short, and I am sad to say I have been super tired and fear that I am still confronting what ever this beast I have been dealing with still. I think I am on the mend and feel great, only to wake up the next day in a bad mood or worse to not want to get out of bed, so I go to the movie rental spot rent some movies and return to home and proceed to sit in bed eat and watch movies. Only leaving the house to go to and from work, by bike I am happy to say. I have been riding some but then the cumulative miles add up and my legs, body and soul lag a bit. So I fear this mono or overtraining or chronic fatigue is still attacking me, man I wish it would just end and I could go on feeling alive and enthusiastic about racing and life. I am excited by changes in my existence. I dont have to drive at all really. I can walk or ride to every where, and distant places with others not in a riding mood can be reached by bus, so it could be worse. The people here are friendly and it always seems easy to converse and find similarities to others in this environment. This I am also thankful for. So back to what has been up, I am again changing jobs I was so happy to be back at the Brewery, then it quickly fell apart the General Manager liked what I was doing, but then his opinion of me changed like the wind and he, being the side chooser that he was sided with the night manager and I had to leave, on my own accord I was the one that forced the situation, and I didnt get fired, but it sure is interesting the choices that were made there. The night manager, who I can not stand, he is a horrid bartender, insert doesnt talk to the customers, spends more time with his back to the crowd than anything, won and I lost so to speak. Well it is a blessing in disguise, so off I go to a new job. Two jobs in two months, i have never been so unstable in my adult life. Well if anything it is certainly a learning experience. So enough about my crazy life, or maybe it is just me who thinks it is crazy.
check out this chick.
or this Frybrid
or even this, for all you suv drivers who just must drive suv's now you can cancel out what your car does to the environment.
Now I must warn you I am one of those who have come to think that the biggest thing that all of us can do is to make it our own missions to be responsible for what it is we do and how it is we choose to live. I know it could be said that this is not the american way, and it is certainly not the easiest way to live, but the more people that are responsible with all their choices the more it will become the prevasive way of thinking and in short the minority with be the majority and all will be better. The environment is the biggest thing that we can work on saving right now, and in doing so the world becomes a better, happier more equetious place for one and all. We are at a crucial point in the balance of the world, and sure there are those of you who think that what one person does, doesnt really matter, and to a certain extent one person in a vacuum doesnt really do much, but the more people that make it their mission, the more the dream becomes a reality. I am a big proponent of personal responsiblity, and each day that I learn more, I become more frietened for our generations and the generations to come. What legacy do you want to leave? I want to leave one of hope, and prosperity, not destruciton, and death. So stand up and live the way you want the world to live, because not changing and beign complacent is making a statement as much as changing is. Not voting is voting. Not being an element of change is beign an element of destruction. maybe that is drastic, maybe not. Well I am off to change the world.
Oh yeah almost forgot. this is an organization that all of us should support, and promote. Think clean living in a most dynamic enviroment. Think progressive. I am going to keep plugging these guys and am planing on volunteering my time with them. We need to collect as much information as possible, so that funding can be procurded and the Car free city can become a reality. Please if you have heard nothing take the time to fill out the 5 minuete quesitonaire. I thank you in advance. Well now I am off to see Citizen Cope at the Tractor here in Seattle.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout on TerraPass. I run the company -- spend most of my days trying to think how to make cars more sustainable.

Do manage to sneak out every now and then on my Ionic singlespeed. Bought it for Philly, but now back on west coast getting beat up on the big climbs...and loving it.

Keep up the good work!