Thursday, November 10, 2005

this will be quick...

yes that is what I tell all the ladies. and to boot it wont hurt I can assure you. Hope that got your attention. Well I have been in contact with the carfree city people and plan on volunteering my time with them doing as much research as I possible can. So I am in the process of changing jobs again. man can the service industry be transient. this is the first time in so many years that I have been in such and upheavel. well moving states will do that. so my girlfriend and I are going to start a green blog in the near future so that I can save the non bike realted/interconnected stuff for that blog and get back to the cycling side of things on this site. well the clouds have opened here and it looks to be a wet night ahead. i was planning on riding to near by woodenville and the Redhook brewery where a group meets to night ride, but then remembered that the point 83 guys have a ride tonight, and then remembered that I wanted to go see the premier of this. Wonder if mr Ross himself will be there. I sure would enjoy talking with him. So back to the car selling which has been taking more time than I would like it to, insert lost title here. I am certainly not the cleanest person so it took a long time to clean her up so she looks real purty. wink wink. well selling that will free up some cash and make this transition time easier. So I guess it wasnt as quick as I thought, is that a bad thing? so I am off to play in the rain and see a movie, wish me luck.

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