Friday, March 03, 2006


So as of late I have been taking a break again from the bike, I am just riding to and from work for a bit, i fear that I am sleeping more and all the work at the house has over extended me a bit. Enough about that subject, I am staying positive, exploring the internet and getting inspiration and from many sources. I need to make a list of all the ideas I am coming up with mimicing what others are doing. I have been apathtic to a point at times that things wont change, and they wont unless we as citizens get out there lead by example, we may fail we may not change anything right now, but on the flip side we may succeed, things may change. There is not doubt in my mind that there will be a petro crisis, how bad I am unsure and when I am unsure, but it will come, sooner or later. Thinking that, it would only be in my interest to act as though it is coming and try new and different things out. Right now I am listening to this show, talk about cool, there is car talk radio on PBS, how bout bike talk radio. There is another radio show out of San Francisco, here. Who would tune in? It looks like the one in Davis, CA failed due to lack of funding, man that sucks. Money, when will money flow in to cycling like it did in the 70's. We need more utiltiy bikes, or city bikes like these. Seattle has its own bike culture short film night, i will have the link soon, its own magazine, lots of goings on. I am trying to get my work schedule firmed up so that I can join some different groups that meet and talk about transportation issues that appeal to me.
I have been wanting to learn to sew for almost a year now, we have finally procured a sewing machine and I plan to take a sewing class here in the near future. There is a ten year old down the street that has offered to teach both danielle and I. If you havent checked out these guys, they are designing some very beautiful clothing, and the hats that this guy is making are rad.
So there are so many great things going on, and many people are out there doing very creative and forward thinging projects.
My real question is when will we hit the critical point that ultimate shift in our thoughts when cars are no longer the center of our universe, or will we. Will we evolve or will we commit suicide as a soceity? I read a great article in the Utne reader thats basic sentiment was that we need to as a society stop believing that they those in power will change anything, that we need to get them to change the laws, the rules, that we as citizens,as individuals and communitys need to decide what needs to happen, that that is where the real power is. The real power in a Democracy is with the people, and as of late we have moved away from that and we need to move back to the position that we believe we have control over our own direction as a society. The bottom line being that we all need to take part and stand up for what we believe in if we are to help direct the shape of our society, if we do not take part we should be happy with what we get because we have through not taking part taken part. I hope this all makes sense, I am rambling to a bit. Stand up for what it is you think and believe in. That doesnt mean you have to protest and march, just do your part to shape the world in to what it is you want it to be.

This guy must be having fun, what a journey.

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