Monday, March 06, 2006

so I am riding a bit more..

On Saturday I rode 30 miles on the fixie, including my ride to and from work. Just under the two hour mark in ride time. I am really trying to follow the plan that was given to me after the tests by doctor emily. So then on Sunday, my one day off, I was going to ride the mt bike, but the car was taken by the time I got up so I figured I put around on the road bike and see where it took me, well a little over 2 hours later I rolled home, feeling quite well I might add. So it was a success. I am unsure of the mileage as I dont yet have a computer on the road bike, I am waiting for the arrival of this, I have been told that I am getting it as an early birthday gift, and it will make keep track of all that I ride much easier. So all these rides have been in zones 2, 3a and small bits in 3b but this is base building for me. I must say that I am wearing a heart rate montior, I have found that most of the time I was riding a bit too hard, and other times much too hard. This is recovery phase and what it looks like once you have gone over the edge from over reaching to over training. Overtraining is bad, it is no fun. Spring is here or close and that makes me happy, more sunshine, warmer temps and more mountain biking. Of course mountain biking means higher heart rates so I must be ready. I am thinking of a big ride for my birthday incorperating bikes and breweries. I have some others interested in the idea. How extensive and long is yet to be determined.

This is worth a listen, bike music.

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