Tuesday, March 21, 2006

feelin better....

So I have been feeling better, following a bit of a training program, base miles mostly and not very long rides in the relm of long rides. Yesterday went with a two others Keith and Smiley, we seem to be hooking up once a week for some great dirt rides. Last week it was Black Diamond, this week it was Galibreth mountain up in bellingham. Good amount of climbing and some technical downhills. Bridges, jumps, log rides, etc. Smiley was pushing me a bit on the descents, the dude can ride a bike. He was doing 6 foot drops on a ti hard tail cross country bike, he constanly is raising and lowering his seat. Madness I say. I felt better and pretty strong on the climbs I think we got near 3000 feet of climbing in, and lots of twisty singletrack. I launch some jumps, and rode some raised bridges that suprised me. The mental game is coming around, I am working a bit less, and feeling a whole lot better. Spring is here, and soon it will be an epic a week or at least every other week, camping a riding and maybe even some racing, but as I said I am playing it all by ear with the goal being to stay healthy have fun and not take it all too seriously. Just watched Pure Sweet Hell, might have to try a bit of the cross racing this year, after all i am here in the northwest and do have plenty of access to great races with ease.

gonter has a update on the Vulture, check it out. We have jerseys on the way, they should be sick, I can not wait. Wool vulture jersey. Some day as many of us vultures should get together for some long rides and good times.

I caught myself sounding a bit pretencious the other day, I was asked if I was going to ride a geared bike on the ride yesterday and I said, "I dont own a geared mountain bike" the truth, but does that sound a bit pretencous? maybe not.

My legs feel it a bit today, but I had such a good time. I want more. 5 more nights of work, then two days off again. who ever came up with the five day work week. should have been 4 at the most. Well I am off to eat lunch. I will be posting a bit more regularly, but will not commit to a daily post, I just dont have that much to say, or maybe I do I just dont feel the need to post daily. I will be getting some more pictures as well, just need to get a crash case for my camera, so I dont break her again. good times. as always, keep the rubber side down. and keep pedaling.

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