Tuesday, March 28, 2006

help me.....

I will make this quick and to the point. I am in a fork bind. I want to ride this weekend off road, but have no fork to use. The reba worked flawlessly until the girlfriend hit something with the bike on top of the car, not damage to the frame dont worry, so one would think no problem just put the rigid on and go, which I would do but in all the moving the fork has ended up not with me and in Reno or hiding in a really good spot. So help me out, anyone got a line of a 29er suspension fork, that could get here, seattle, before the weekend. I am a maniac and will survive without a ride off road this weekend, but I really want to ride. any leads send them my way. thanks nat and as always keep pedaling. Can you feel the pain.

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wolfy said...

Can't help you bro. But if you need some help shipping it from Reno let me know. I feel your pain. My road bike is down with a broken hub and inoperable shifting. So It looks like an SS commuter in the making.