Thursday, March 09, 2006

trends I am seeing

It appears to me and I am totally willing to be told if I am wrong, but we cyclists are finally getting our own designers and really quality cycling specific items, mainly clothing that is our own. Take for example, cadence clothing, rapha, twin six, swobo, shaundeller, chrome, hypnotic designs,and I am sure that I am forgeting some. By our own I mean designed by dedicated cyclist for cyclists with an edge for fashion. Did I just say fashion, oh heavens no, but out in the streets it is nice to be able to get off our bikes walk in to a bar, restaurant and look stylish. Not everyone likes to wear Pearl Izumi tights and a bright jacket while they hang out. It is also making it easier to go to job appts and meetings. Maybe it is just me and these are just my thoughts, bear with me people I am no english major. However that is a family degree, the almighty english degree, both my parents did that so I figure it is taken care of. My grandfather was an english teacher, both my parents were at one time english teachers, my aunt, my cousionn, well you get the point. I however did not, and I am sure I am doing a horrid job of explaining this, with run on sentences, mispellings and I am sure syntax errors, but for those that understand thank you.

I would like to learn to silk screen and to sew so that I can begin to make my own clothing, that is specific to me, but I am happy to see that more people are forging their own way, making a difference, and being creative. thank you for that.

So cranked mag came out with their second addition. rockin. you all should order up.

The bike film festival that I thought was in Seattle is actually in Portland, damn them Beavers they got it all, I may have to make a trip, looks to be a good show followed by a midnight ride. rock on.

On the biking front, I will soon have a gps/heart rate monitor in my hands to train more specifically for a bit. I have always wanted to know the elevations of little rides and such and soon I will be able to, and with the help of moitonbased I will really be able to keep track of miles logged and such. I have been riding a bit more lately and feeling a bit better, I am still very hesitant to push it yet, but at least I get to ride. I am eagerly awaiting two days in a row off so that I can travel to some trails and sample some great rooty riding. This seems to be a good place to start, and it is not too far away. I have heard that there is a good amount of climbing and the trails are super fun. Like I said awhile ago this year is about fun, and undertraining, although I am getting the bug to get out there and race again, and I have to come up with a birthday challange for myself. that is all for now. as always keep pedaling.

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Cellarrat said...

This cothling rocks as well..

Very durable, not to much $, And I dont think there is sweat shops in Scottland =)

Nat, carfull with the gps heartrate thing somtimes too much information isn't a good thing. Keep it fun and the rubber side down.