Thursday, January 04, 2007

why is it that.....

I bet you were thinking that I was going to start with a list about why is it that....
I seem to be in my pj's in the early afternoon or
why is it that I wake up with coffee and go to sleep with beer or
why ride one gear when there are other options
or why would I bore you with a list of things that I do, so I won't what I really wanted to say was why is it that those closest to us get forgotten. I thanked everyone except those that live under the same roof with me, and share the same bed. The one person that needs the most thanking and honor for what she does 365 days a year. I neglected to thank the lovely lady in my life for all the support throughout the years. So here is it is thanks so much for all that you do for me Danielle, it it appreciated and sorry for leaving it out of any post for quite some time. I also need to thank my two dogs who teach me new things all the time about love, commitment, and life in general all the time. Moezlee the great who has had hip displasia since birth was given a short life sentence of two years and is in to his 9th, talk about pushing through the pain. Tanner the blissful who is all dog, but happy all the time, he is in bliss, however much I used to think that it was bad in the beginning.
So with that I will go back to the why is it that we seem to take advantage or take for granted those closest to us. They get to see us at our worst, best and in between, and why is it that they get treated worst sometimes. We yell at our loved ones, but not our friends, why.? We forget to thank those same loved ones, but thank strangers for the smallest things. why? So this year I am going to make a effort to thank those around me that are closest to me, hell I will thank those that inspire me, those that I haven't thanked in a while. So thank you Danielle, mom, dad, Manon, Stefan, Genevieve, tanner and Moezlee, grandpa and grandma Pellman, grandpa deal, Carol, Robert, Katie and Annie. I think I will start with the family and move out as it goes. Thank you all so much for taking this journey in life with me, what a twisted, rocky, fun road it has been. I love and appreciate you all. There I have done it, a totally sappy post and think it is only the 4th day of the year. more to come.
On the riding front I have been feeling a bit more invigorated, got 3 1/2 hours in yesterday on the fixie, with a bit of climbing, then off to work i went to stand and talk and pour beer for the masses. Oh in other news I am drying out for the month of January just to see how it feels, should make for an interesting time as well. I also would like to post a bit more this year. Well it is nice again here today or at least for the moment so I am going to sit in the window and enjoy some vitamin d while reading a book and resting the legs. as always keep pedaling.

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