Thursday, January 25, 2007

a diesel engine

This is a picture of my friend Eric. He is a diesel engine, not the fastest guy out there, but he keeps going and going and going. He is focused and determined to reach his goals. Now a little back story if I may. I met Eric through my job at The Big Time Brewery, he would come in dressed in his cycling clothing, I saw a brother in arms so to speak, and the rest is what we call history. He is part of the Seattle Randonneur's, in fact I believe that he is a the head of membership, although I could be wrong. As I took out my camera to take a picture of him he got a worried look, as I think you can tell by the picture he said something to the effect of "what do you want with a picture of me?" The answer is simple to the left is a picture of the current record holder for most Randonneur miles in a year, it amounts to 7,500 miles or 12,000km if I remember correctly. I am sure most people that read this are familiar with Randonneuring so I will skip all the details, but basically it is long distance, open course, timed, light cycling touring ranging from 100km to 1200km. Each event counts only once, and he also holds down a full time job at the University of Washington, one can imagine he spends a lot of his free time in the saddle. This year he has set the lofty goal of 10,000 "event" miles, I have faith that he will accomplish his goal. Eric thanks for the inspiration and support. The title of this post refers to Eric a diesel engine and a great guy. Congrats and best wishes in the upcoming year.

down in This here picture is of one dirty Vulture after the ride down in Eugene. The camera didn't like all the sunlight and I was not in the mood to take more pics, but this turned out more artsy than I thought. I kind of like it. The weekend of February 17th is shaping up to be a good time. It is the weekend of the Harmonic ConvergenSS Longview, Washington. I plan on being there. Mark your calenders.


monk3y mike wellborn said...

Nat, I believe that's Eric Vigoren right? He's a long-time board member type for SIR. I've seen him around at some of the SIR brevets I've ridden. Diesel is absolutely right.

Eric Vigoren said...

Nat, thank you for the kind words! Just got back from a 12 day venture through your Green Mountain home country. C-c-c-cold, the wind bites. -- Eric

Anonymous said...

7,500 miles without cycling in circles.