Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I just started reading the book pictured at the left. Quite a tale, light read, and inspiring, Mike is tuff, just like the others mentioned below. From a 255lbs man to 170lbs racer, in two years, gave up smoking and drinking too. Committed to the end result of being faster on a bike. It is a good read. In fact quick as well as I picked it up yesterday before work and am on page 100 already. I suggest it to all you cyclists out there in cycle land. Nothing like having a goal to keep you focused and on track, oh I forgot to mention he also quit eating, all except for 3 shakes a day to lose weight and lost it at a rate of 5 lbs a week. Hats off to Mike and his tuffness.

I thought I was a bit tough this weekend by riding my fixie out to Port Townsend for the day, then I checked on my friend mark Mcdaniel's out of Reno, the land of no snow at this time, who rode his fixie up and down and up and down, without brakes. Geiger Grade on a fixie, Congrats mark. I bet your legs they were a hurtin for a few days. Geiger ain't no joke, and Gold Hill on the other side is 15 or 18 percent. Mark you just plain rock. I will put this one in writing, not as a definite, bu none the less in writing, makes me want to rock a large mountain bike 100 miler on my off road fixie, not sure which one, but I am thinking about it, lots of ups and downs. I am scared to say the least. Rich, any advice???? Mark is tuff, he and rich for that matter are inspiration for the title.
So I rode to Port Townsend this weekend, first time I did it, sure is fun. I will have to get over to the peninsula for some more rides.
I am trying to put together a race schedule that maxes the fun factor, is cost acceptable and I can get work off for. No easy task, also looking to keep it in the managable body wise as I don't wish to get sick again in the form that I was kind of way. Wow that was a run on sentence. Not willing to put anything down on the blog yet as it is all up in the air. I will probably try to fine tune some of my fitness by racing shorter local races, I want to get a 100 or two in, I have family back east. I am juggling right now.


Kent Peterson said...

Hey Nat,

I'm almost always up for a run out to PT so if you ever want company, just give me a shout.

Dicky said...

I don't want to sound like a Nike add, but just do it. It really sucks. Downhills become an exercise in patience instead of rip roaring fun. It is an awesome challenge. So humbling. People passing you all day, people you know on any other day you could hold off. Accept your fate. Do it.
Don't know if I'll ever do it again, but I was definitely glad I did it once.