Sunday, January 07, 2007

I should have brought a camera....

to document how muddy I got yesterday. I should probably start with a little bit of a back story. Originally Keith and I had planned to go skate skiing/ him wanting to try his new toy out a rather large kite that he hopes will pull him around the mountains. Keith and his new toys, kites, I just don't get it, but then again I don't have to, it would have been hilarious to watch him put skis on hook up, with a harness, to a 7 meter kite and fly it for the first time in 30 mile an hour winds. Needless to say I would have had 911 plugged in to my cellphone and my finger on the dial button at the ready. So that was the plan, as you can tell it is not what happened yesterday. We left town, got on the interstate heading to the mountains and then while in the foothills saw signs that read "power outage at the summit" no problem, then this one was the final straw, "4 mile traffic jam at the summit", that did it we turned around and headed back in to the city. We both wanted to do something active, as it was a sunny, read not raining and too ugly, in Seattle, obviously in the mountains it was a different story, so we decided on a ride at St Edwards just north of Seattle. This is no epic ride, but enough to get an hour or two of riding in, two if you do the loops twice. We had a great time after we got rolling. It was a wake of vulture's if two can be considered a group, we both were riding Wade's master pieces on dirt, well mainly mud. We had a great time. Gonterian was right, fixed+dirt=fun. On a side note I rode in the Swobo shorts, they rocked. It was the first time I have worn baggies in a while and I can say that I enjoyed them. Speaking of having fun, Cubed Meat, down in Oregon is on the 20th, if I can talk a few or even one person from up here to go we will, looks like fun.
Looking ahead to this years racing I am still trying to figure it all out. More to come on me racing. I want to race some of the local Indie series races, some endurance races, the cascade cream puff, maybe 24hrs in the sage, Moab? , I have been tempted by the Ultra Series, and Boris' endurance week looks to be amazing as well. It really comes down to how I am feeling, if I keep feeling better and better, and I can get the money thing in order, I will travel and race more , if not it will be more local. As always keep pedaling.

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