Saturday, January 13, 2007

snow and ice

Seattle has snow on the ground, not the status quo here. Let me tell you I am glad to be riding a bike in this stuff, to think about driving around in a tin can makes me sick. Well in fact I am sick right now so I spent the day downloading music from Emusic, if you don't know about them you should check them out, all kinds of music for your ears. I have been a member for over a year now and am never at a loss for new and old songs to download. And if you end up becoming a member tell em who sent ya. Please. Enough about that snow, when compacted on a cold street becomes ice, bet ya didn't know that, so I have been ripping around dodging the ice and looking for bare pavement, this can make hills somewhat interesting. On my commute home last night I had to walk a hill as I spun out and almost took a spill. The skill as with most things in life is not to overreact, go with the flow. Being sick reminds me of the last two years and I get frustrated and think that I might be headed back there, or not getting better. This truely has been a monumental challenge to keep in perspective, and like riding on ice not overreact and go with the flow. Rest can be good. I am hoping to get next friday off so that I can go to this. I wanted to go last year, but never made it happen. Also, I have signed up for this, I have heard that Dejay puts on one hell of a good time, and I would like to ride with Rudi, get some tips from the master about schorching. But thats enough, I will be sure to bring a camera on either of these excursions ifin and when they happen.
In other areas, I found this site today and liked it,the people at Bicycle Fixation have the right idea. Check it. I spent a bit of time browsing there.
As always keep pedaling. I am going to keep watching the snow come down and rest so that when the weather is better I will be ready to charge it, not that it is not fun out there right now, but the batteries need a little charging and what better excuse. as always keep pedaling.

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