Wednesday, October 25, 2006

so I went to see my grandparents...

On thursday of last week caught a ride in the big steel bird in the sky to Washington DC, on my way to see my grandparents in Harrisonburg VA. They are getting older and time is of the essence so that I could enjoy their company while they are still quite aware and active. I meet my parents in the airport, we managed by some luck to fly in to Dulles airport on flights from Seattle and Burlington, VT and land within minuetes of each other. We would have been out of there real quick except for United leaving my their luggage on the ground in Burlington. Imagine that just out there waiting to fly. anyways it would take them almost the entire time to get their luggage, I think they recieved it saturday afternoon sometime. So rent the car jump through some more hoops. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of flying in or out of Dulles it is a rat hole, twisted maze, and completely spread out, you have to take these huge people movers that look like artic vehicles to move from gate to gate and baggage claim etc. In other words it takes longer than the long time it always takes at a well designed airport, that may be an oxymoron, well designed airport that is.

So we drive through rushour traffic finally arriving at my grandparents house sometime after nine pm. chat a bit and then go to sleep. I had called ahead to see if I could rent a bike and thomas at SBC was able to help. It turns out that I used his personal bike, as everyone kept saying "Is that thomas bike," or "that is thomas' bike" and I would give my standard " thats what everyone keeps telling me". It turns out that on friday they had a informal race that cost a six pack to enter, so I thought why not, and took thomas up on the offer. The hills back there are quite steep, I did however get to ride a 29er so things were somewhat the same. However it was the first time in quite awhile that I have ridden gears or a regular handlebar. It turned out and I hate to say it that the gears came in handy, after of course getting used to shifting again. No worries I dont have a real desire to have geared mountain bike in the stable again, yet. So shifting aside on friday I meet at the Food Lion chated and then followed everyone out to the site of the ride. Heartland or something like that. Climb, climb climb. Gather back together. Sign up for the downhill and go, in 30 second intervals. I havent worn glasses while riding in awhile and didnt have any along, so my eyes teared up, the leaves covered the rocks and conspired to make me go slower, that and the fact that I was not used to my steed. So I flated rode it out changed it, then my pump broke and deflated the tire again so I waited for assistance. I was in one of the steeper sections of trail and no one really wanted to help a brother out, we were racing after all. That said a little guy named Jack stopped and gave me his pump. thanks man. I finished up, I think DEad fuckin last, and rode to the car to go home. Everyone else camped out.

Saturday was a perfect day and since the grandparents were going to nap and dad was going to his 45 high school reunion, and there was a big ride scheduled I went ahead and drove back out to ride again. stopping at one of the local stores where everyone else was dressed in camo i felt a bit out of place, luckily there was no deliverance remake or reinactment. The ride on Saturday was epic, perfect weather, good people and a climb that Sue Haywood said " is where evil lives" quite possible one of the more difficult climbs I have ridden, granny gear grinder so to speak followed by a desent down little bald that was equally steep and rocky in the other direction. I had an amazing time, rushed back to the car and went back to hanging with the grandparents. A little longer than the 3 hours later that I thought. ONe would think that by now i would have it figured out, when i am told 3 hours double it and then that is more realistic. The leaves where in there prime and it was good to be back on the East coast for a visit.
Sunday it was back to Dulles for another airport experience. I barley made my flight, in fact I wouldnt have had i not cut the lines that wrapped around the building, I have never seen such a cluster fuck in my life. So I made it back went to see Citizen Cope as soon as I landed, and then back to the weekly grind come monday morning.

All in all I was happy to meet some great people and to have the experience of riding gears agian, it was a little refreshing, as the two ride I did would have been over the top pain prison rides had I been on a rigid single speed, then again I probably would have had as much fun or more had I been on the single. EVery once in awhile it is good to change it up, keeps things fresh. call me soft if you must, but have no fear, I love one gear.

So now it is back to racing a little cross and commuting in the rain. thanks for reading and as always keep pedaling.

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Anonymous said...

It always nice to change it up and do it diffrent sometimes... Pre rode the 24hrs of moab on a trek fuel 80 and It was just fun being out there regrarudless of the bike i was riding....