Tuesday, October 31, 2006

appologies and a race report

My appologies for the rant, I have been in a funk of sorts and went off, wrong time, wrong place. After all this is my spot to rant, but the rant the other day about hippies and such was way off. Everyone needs to have the space to be themselves and I let it all, the world has a way of getting to me sometimes, go. Enough said. Please accept my apology on the matter.

On to the race report:
I awoke to rain at 4 am, pouring rain was still pitter pattering when I actually got out of bed at 8:30. I mentally prepared for another sufferfest. All week my legs had been acting a bit funny, the change of the season always has a way of getting to me. I was a bit worried about the race, I wanted to do well, and wondered where I was at mentally and physically. We started our drive out to Snohomish, and arrived at the school where the race was, by now the skys had cleared, the sun was out but the rain had given the earth a good soaking. I got dressed, registered and the such, and then went out to pre ride the course. My heart sank. It was not a course I particulary liked, a true cross course according to some, no place to rest, lots of running, lots of peanut buttery mud and lots of side hill riding, that and two sets of barriers and a few short run ups. I am not a runner and the back side had a long mud run. Two laps trying to figure out how to make this work, and get the lines down. Then the start. I was on the inside which i thought would be good, but I got boxed in, stuck I gave it my all trying to get towards the front, I got there and was hoping to stay when we ran in to the 35 + masters class, no good lines, and lots of wheel touching. Taking the high line into one of the corners I go down, my rythum is off. In to the barriers and the run up, this running with my bike thing is not my strong point, did I mention that. I stay close to the front for the first lap and a half or two, then begin to fade. OH shit I am thinking, my legs just dont have the power I would like. I have no desire to chase, so I settle in and take a beating. I do my best and dont quit, even though at times I wanted to, only because I was sucking it up. I am hard on myself, I did alright considering I was feeling bad, and stayed in it, just not as aggressivly or on the attack like i like to be. I ended up ninth, I was hoping for 3rd or 4th, but then again goals are just that, and we dont always hit the mark. like rihgt now I am trying to upload photos and it just isnt happening, so alas, i will try to add to it later.

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