Friday, October 06, 2006

Big Time Porter takes gold at GABF

I should have posted this awhile ago, but alas I have waited again. Last weekend was the GABF in Denver, I am sure Dave was overwhelmed with people and is glad that the 40,000 beer drinkers, geeks and friends have all gone home until next year. Our brewer, Bill, I wish I had a picture, anyways he has been raving about the porter for the last year, and finally all that paid off, he was able to pull of a gold in a catagory, that has a lot of entrants. No small feat. Congrats to Bill. I work monday day 11-6 and Tues-Friday night, starting at 6. I'll buy a pintof porter for the first 3 people to come in and mention this post. The secret word is "dark Goddess" , oh yeah the porter won under the suedo name of Goddess, not the Coal Creek, which it really is, Bill just wanted to change the name, and I am told there is a story to it all, but I am not at liberty to divulge it here. nuff said. Oh when you come by make sure to tell us just how good that porter is. so I wanted to upload a picture of the lable to give bill his props, but it did not happen, something wont let the picture load, so you will have to do with out.

So me, Bill assistant got a job working as the head brewer at the Rouge Issaquah brewhouse, so he is down an assistant, that said he needed a little help with the brew yesterday, so I offered up my services, and got to slep around in the brewery yesterday for a couple of hours. I had a great time, weighing out hops, lifting grain buckets, and generally just helping out. I think bills wife was happy as he was able to get home on time so that she could enjoy her time out on the town.

Not much else to report, no big rides on the monster cross yet, just a bunch of communting and short trips in town. I think I am racing this weekend but that may change, I may go visit my brother in Vancouver, but then again who knows, I am trying to go with the flow and enjoy the day to day.

Dustin over at Cadence is putting on his first Fast Friday tonight, wish I could go, I will just have to hear the stories, but then again I am used to that being a bartender and having to work on a lot of nights when there is cool things goin down.

Found this on MTBR today, this is the wave of the future, environmentally friendly business, wind power, 100%, they are buying credits to offset, but its a start. way to go Performance.


Tom Gray said...

Found this on MTBR today, this is the wave of the future, environmentally friendly business, wind power, 100%, they are buying credits to offset, but it's a start. way to go Performance.

Agreed, excellent stuff, thanks for the pointer.

Anyone can do the same. For info on green power suppliers, see "Your Electric Choices" at This site includes a clickable map of the U.S. which will show you the choices in your state.

If you don't feel that you can afford to go 100% wind, a very inexpensive option is to buy 10% or 20%. For the average household, the cost will be 5-10 cents a day . . .

Thomas O. Gray
American Wind Energy Association

Cellarrat said...

Tasted it it was quite good!

Yup it was a bit crazy... So nice on sunday just to drink a pbr and not have to overwelm the mouth with malt and hops =)