Tuesday, October 17, 2006

i got muddy.......

I have great photo, but I cant get it to post, so when I can you will see it.

On sunday I had the pleasure of racing my bike in the pouring rain. I am unsure if it was a pleasure of just a chance to get muddy while riding around in a field with lots and lots of bumps.

So on saturday night I worked the cask festival, cask beer for those of you who don't know is beer done in the old world style, is poured directly from the vessel at room/cellar temp, its only carbonation is provided by a small second fermentation. It damn good, usaually dry hopped or wet hopped, it is special. With 40 breweries bringing their beer to be showcased, well lets just say I had a bit to drink that evening. So on sunday I awoke with a bit of a hangover, being a little slower than my already slow pace in the morning.

So I got up sunday and it was raining..... A little more history about saturday, I have been having this nagging chainring bolt loosening problem going on that I decided to deal with, so it was off to the bike shop to get some chainring bolts. Here is where I figured out the nature of the problem, I had double chainring bolts with spacers on the back, so I got single chainring bolts, I would think my friend the mechanic who built the bike would have not done this but oh well. While at the shop discussing this I inquired about larger chainrings, and to my surprise they had just what I wanted a 38 tooth chainring in the appropriate spacing. Bam. So I came home greased the bolts and went about changing the chainring. With the larger gearing and skinner tires, I had just got some of wtbs cross tires I was ready to charge it on Sunday.

So I got up sunday and it was raining, and not just showeres it was full on raining. Argh!!! I thought this is either going to be a blast or just plain suck and be miserable. After some of Danielles famous pancakes we were off, a little later than I had wanted to be, but I figured it was not too far away. Well we cut it close, pulling in to the parking lot 25 mins before the race, so I had to run around find where registation was, run back get dress, drop the kids off at the portojohn and head to the start line. I was amped and it was raining. Call ups etc, then we are off, it was a dead flat field with a bunch of bumps and ruts, having not ridden the course I had no idea what lay ahead. It was a grinder. But before I could start to do battle I dropped a chain in the first 150 ft of the race. shit, there goes the next class, great. put it back on and limp my way around till it falls off agian, this time I had it figured out. 1/2 a lap in I get to the pits, grab a 6 mm key and fix the problem. Now I layed chase. grind, grind, slip slide, but keep on fighting. I am half a lap down of the winner by the end of it, but considering the time lost with the chain dropping and the balls on the stem thing that I forgot to mention above, i was happy. I got 6th place.

This weekend there is a race, but I will be with family in Harrisonburg, VA. I am there for 2 days, so i dont think that I am going to pay to bring the bike, but I just might, I may just use the time to enjoy my grandparents and rest. So my quest for the point series now means that I must race flawlessly for the remaining races and not miss one more. I am unsure if I really care, but I am focused again and having fun.

I talked with my friend Bart, he made a suggestion about the upcoming season,we will see what happens, but it would be fun. Bart keep air in them tires next time.

Cross is like one big family, it is very refreshing to be racing agian and in such a fun laid back atmosphere.

thanks for reading and as always keep pedaling.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. Cross is the way racing should be. Right up there with the 24 hour crowd...

Sorry to have missed racing with ya. Maybe next season. (After finances and life settle back down)