Friday, October 27, 2006

hippies.....some of my thoughts

here's the picture I tried and tried to upload to go along with the last cross race report. Can you see the pain from the balls to top tube incident. Cross sure does put the hurt on ya. I had to chase making me feel like my insides were going to burst. I need a good analogy here but an at a loss for the right one. Better late than never. It was a wet one. This weekend looks to be shaping up to be dry, but colder. I keep learning how to dress for these things. I got the new bar tape on the beast. I do have a camo obsession so as I am sure you have guessed by now, it is camo. It needs to get dirty, which shouldn't be a problem, so that it mellows out a bit. What a way to break in a new jersey, rain, mud, and sweat.

The Vulture has been hard at work, he got a 40 hr a week j-o-b working for someone else, I imagine it cuts in to his framebuilding time, but I am sure it helps with the bills.

So I will continue to run the 38x17 gearing for the upcoming race, I have been thinking about changing tires, but then again I just want to go race and have some fun. I am going to get my girlfriend to take some more photos for this race. Keith has dubbed us team None, as we are not affiliated with a sponsor or at least they forgot to write down team wake or vulture for me, but we are team none, we joked about getting jerseys made with things like 'your logo here" "coming from nowhere" etc. I think you all get it. I am trying to figure out next year, but taking it with little pressure in mind. Right now I would like to finish in the standings in the cross series, but I would really like a top 3. I haven't decided if I am going to double up on Sunday or not, racing the ss and then the b's race. Only time will tell.

Enough of the boring stuff, does anyone really care about what gear I am running or the dullness of planning my upcoming season, this blog needs more pictures, more, it just needs more. So I
will recount this little tale for you, if it can in fact be called that, well I'll just get on with explaining the picture to the right here. I must first start by saying that I am in fact a hippie, I hope you are smiling right now, because I will get to it. Not the annoying kind of hippie found twirling in the corner whenever the dead is playing, or following phish around the country claiming to have no money while driving a 2006 xterra. I am for sure not the fucking long haired hippie, fuck long hair. That's why this spoke to me, these are my weapons against all things long hair. I know its a personal choice, I allow for that, but cut your fuckin hair. Alright for those of you that are totally upset and taking this all to seriously its a joke man. dude, bro, bra, just take it with a grain of salt, we are all here to make it through the day in our own way. That is the kind of hippie I am. But I am a dark, sarcastic person. I have recounted that my mom once had this to say on the matter, and I can only imagine as she looked at her 12 year old pride and joy as he made some black humor remark about the way we humans are, "Nat you are far too sarcastic for a 12 year old" I wonder if she remembers saying it, because it is an indelible mark on my soul. I have this dry, sarcastic humor, some people, those that don't get it are really missing out. I will also be the first to make fun of myself when I make mistakes, or act like a hippie, or prance around in ladies clothing, opps did I let that slip. Well I have told you all too much. So all you hippies out there relax I am not arming myself with clippers, sissors or a brush, but for gods sake just cut it before I do have to arm myself. I would like to see us all just get along, and I don't think that is too hippie. I associate the word hippie with those who aren't realistic about their lives, but then again maybe I am just jealous of the fact that they are always so damn happy. I guess if anyone consumed that much illegal substance they too could not see the light of day, that might make it all go away, but then again I am obsessed with reality. If you are still reading this I commend you, if not, or if you got pissed off and skipped to the bottom you missed the explanation. So no one get offended and lets just all get along. As always keep pedaling.

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