Tuesday, October 10, 2006

congrats to dicky.....

He did it, he is the "World Champ". What a year he has had, lots and lots of racing. Does he ever get tired? Get all the details here.

Chris Eatough got beat. It would have been nice to see him win again, but who likes cheering for the 6 time champ, its kind of like cheering for the Yankees, oh yeah they got beat too. I must say the winner Craig??? from Australia, he works full time too. Way to go underdog. I always like cheering for the underated, working man. Should make the Solo 24 movie and interesting one to watch.

Jeff Kerkove posted about Moab vs Worlds, which is more prestegious? I think everyone here knows how I feel about Adrenalin. I do like the addition of the 24 hr ss class, but for the most, races are about the caliber and quality of competion. Sounds like nationals was the race this year. The fact that Adrenalin's worlds is more about marketing, than about a real world championship sanctioned event. It sure would be nice if the Granny Gear folks and the Adrenalin folks could come up with one series, or at least one championship that alternates between promoters. I dont know I have a cant we all get along complex. We as a society need to put our egos down and do what grows the sport. Yeah to dicky for not even waiting around to stand on the podium. We all know. Enough of me rambling about my opinion, I like Granny Gear more than adrenlain, that is all I have to say. They are more human, in fact I got sick a while ago, as I am sure most readers are aware, and still have a paid race slot with granny when I decide it is time to use. Laird was very accomadating and understanding. thank you laird.

I am listening to this series of podcasts right now. yeah cowpunk. thanks for the the link mark.

I raced cross again this weekend. It was pretty formulaic, however there were three of us on fixed gears. I ended up fighting the good fight and was the fastest man on a fixed gear and able to dice it up for a bit longer witht the leaders before getting dropped. Drank some good beer and rode home from the race, i am starting to feel more focus and desire, but afraid to speak of it for falling back in to the sickness again. So I am keeping it low key and just riding when i feel like it. Like everyday, I ride to work or like saturday go exploring for a bit. I have been riding mostly fixed with the occasional coast here and there. So I have to work on Saturday at the Cask festival here in Seattle, racing on sunday, i think i will race the ss race at 11:30 and then the b race at 1:30 just to see how I am feeling fitness wise. Craig, who just crushes, does it and I was inspired to try it out. Wish me luck. again congrats to dicky for rocking out. as always keep pedaling, the revloution happens one pedal stroke at a time.

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Dicky said...

Yes I am tired.
My wife is sick and tired.
Granny Gear and 24 HOA bury the hatchet? Good one.
Granny Gear also accomodated one of my unusual entry refund/requests in the past.
I don't think we will ever see a "REAL WORLDS", but I'll take the title if they're giving it.