Wednesday, May 10, 2006

life happens....

Life happens and I have not been blogging at all. In fact I havent really been spending much time on the computer. The weather here has been great for the most part, except the one day I went mountain biking at a local tree farm when it was pouring down rain. my new vulture jersey got broken in that day, the white is a little browner now. That ride done with my friend pete was one probably the second wettest mountain bike ride I have had ever been on. I thought for a bit that it may be the wettest, but there was a race in napa that I did years ago that was colder, wetter and more open to the elements. I digress. Lots has been happening. Work, ride, repeat. I have a job interview today with one of the local bike clubs to be a bike ambassador, sounds like it could be interesting and fun. How could it not be fun to advocate for bikes?
Twin six kit came. the argyle jersey is a crack up. I get plenty of comments while wearing that one.
Planning for Memorial Day Weekend, going to Bend Oregon, to see some friends and get plenty of riding in, right from my campsite. I can not wait. See the Vulture, sloane and many others. Looks like the REno clan is coming up to. Ill be taking photos and maybe trying to get a flickr site up and going here so that photos can be avalible all the time.
On the fitness front I am feeling a bit better, still taking it easy, but increasing the hours on the bike as well as the milage. I have even hit 15o miles in a week a couple of times. Not what it used to be, mostly utility miles running errands and the such.
Seattle is taking some adjustment for me, I still dont feel totally at home here, I have to drive to get my singletrack fix, which is not the way it was, this takes some getting used to. My friend base is growing, but not what it was in Reno. Speaking of Reno, trying to sell the house down there, the overhead is a bit much right now, and the renters that we had moved on so it is becoming too much work from so far away.
Got a new fork, and wheelset for the skull bike, thinking about getting some new skull rotors to match the bike.
Everything else is as it is. I used to laugh when my parents talked about how fast time seems to fly by as you get older, well it is picking up steam and I see what it is they were saying. I fight the urge of complacency, trying to make the days different and the experiences new, I see a bike tour or extended trip in the near future, for some perspective, some time to put it all together or to not have to feel the urge to figure it out, to just ride and pedal and experience the moment, the grandness that is living. I am about to turn 32 in a couple of days, I may have to do some sort of challange on my birthday to make it stand out. I do realize more and more that I lead a pretty unique life. The other day while riding in the rain, my chamois feeling much like a diaper that had been soiled, my face caked with mud it occured to me that not everyone gets it, we, those that are adventures seek out difficulty situations and activities, istead of searching for the easiest path, the one of least resistence. At that moment I smiled and it felt great to be alive. I search out moments that make me feel alive, and search for the edge, last year I push over that edge, I could turn and run, or I could learn and continue to test the limits knowing that the potential to fall is always there, but we humans a reslient and we get back up, and we move on, forward, why because what else is there to do. Lie down and die, become complacent and comfortable. we all need some comfort and a place to go home to, but I like to be out there alive, an intergral part of the world. So I have rambled on a hope to have made some sense. This is not meant to be a polished peice of work, just a brain dump. So get out there and be alive. Peace be with you and as always keep pedaling.

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What are you doing to celebrate your birthday?? Where are you? Have you gotten my calls? Let's talk soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!