Saturday, April 22, 2006

mission accomplished...vulture jerseys retrieved

so heres the story, bear with me as it might be a long one, depends how many details I put in. So my vulture jerseys were supposed to arrive last friday, they didn't. On monday and tuesday every time the Fed ex truck, the UPS truck or any big truck that matter was heard or drove by I was like a little kid, thinking that they would magically arrive. That never happened and just like having the Santa taken out of Christmas I was upset. NO time to get too upset though, true to form I forged ahead, contacted Jessica, and Fed ex. Here is where my blood starts to boil, Fed ex informs me that they delivered them to the address on the package, and that I need to contact the shipper. I say what addresss is that. the curt lady informs me that it was delivered to 511 99th st nw, to which I respond that address doesnt exist. Well Ill give you some background info here. my address is 5119 9th ave nw area code 98107. NOw Ill continue. "How did you get that and could you please take me there?". no. and we got it from usps we check all our address. So I get on the computer type in that address and bam, it gives me 511 sw 99th st area code 98106. "Yes sir that is the address we delivered it to, the correct address."
Are you fuckin kidding me, "that certainly isnt the right address and I am sure the deliveryguy must have known he was in the wrong part of town. so now that you have changed the zip and the nw to a sw would you not stop to think that maybe things should be reconsidered?' Sir we delivered it to the correct address, you could go to that address and see if they have it? this line of banter goes on for a bit before she transfers me to her supervisor/customer advocate, who finally listens to me and orders a package retreval.
Thursday I get a call from her, bad news we were not able to get the package. So I go about ordering up some new jerseys from chad at portland cyclewear, who is cool, gives me break and that is that. Well not really, not being a person that lets things go easy, the next day, Friday, a whole week after they are delivered I decide that I will ride the 15 miles to where they were delivered and see if I have any luck. well luck was on my side. I arrive after some navigational difficulty at the aforementioned address, to find a guy working on his car and his wife just about to enter the home. I introduce myself, tell them the story, they say they know of now such package delivered by fed ex, but they got this yesterday about a package pickup and were confused, tried to call but only got voicemail. they agree that I should be pissed off, we exchange numbers and they say they will talk with the roomate when he gets home. I thank them and feel that there still is some hope, maybe I will get them back. fast forward 2 mins, she calls back asks for me and says they found the package on the floor in the roomates room, and to boot it is unopened, could this be any better. So I zip back retreval the package, thank them and leave. she asures me that she is gonna kick the roomates ass. sweet. So I got my jerseys, mission accomplished, jersey extraction complete. Here is a pic, not the thinest I have ever been. I must add that the jerseys are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. So remember sometimes it pays to persevere, but then again most cyclists out there already know that.

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Sally Edith said...


The Jersey and you look great!! I like them, how can i get one??? perhaps for my birthday??? of couse i love the red and the "vulture" to go with my socks you gave me. Love, mom