Wednesday, April 12, 2006

riding in the rain...

We went riding in the rain, when moving here I thought I might have issues riding in the rain, not so much on the road, as I have covered that angle throughout the winter months, but on the mountain bike. It is different and on a single it can be a real grind, no chain suck to worry about though. So we rode in Capital Forest, which I was hoping would be super fun. Well the initial climb was awsome tight single track twisting through the very wet forest, roots, rocks all the usual suspects to content with. We were only vaguly following a route that was supposed to be fun. We got lost for a bit as the directions were a little vauge, finally on track we descended moto trails that were just filled with rocks, and trenched out. Red mud that stuck to everything. A 3 or 4 hr ride turned in to an all day affair, and I arrived home 5 hours late. I still loved the company I was in, but not the trails. Snowpack go away so we can ride some epic loops. Looks like Sea Otter was a mess. My friend Dusty got 6th, congrats to him. Scott Fiefield my old trianing partner won the 40 -45 year old class, congrats to him. Me still on the mend, and Sea otter is not my favorite race anyway, so much a road course. Oh almost forgot, David, I will butcher your last name, yakatus finished 9th in the semi pro class, big ups. So I spent the day cleaning the bike today, it took awhile. I am searching for road cranks at the time, mine are bent and it is time to get some new ones aboard the bike. i would like to get some fsa carbon road cranks, bling, bling. I have a fixie project waiting in the wings, I cant wait, and am making plans for the labor day weekend, bend and oakridge I hope. Looking to take friday off to head to Portland for some movie aciton. that and there is a talk I would like to go to here at REI during the day. decisions or maybe both. enough rambleing. time for a power nap before work. as always keep pedaling.

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