Tuesday, April 18, 2006

more riding less typing

Last week was a little hectic, both at work and with spring there is more riding happening. Hence the lapse. Friday was awsome, took the day off, drove down to Portland for their film festival, which rocked. Laugh out loud funny, and lots of social commentary. Cranked mag guys were there, and I met the organizer. What a day trip. It rained cats and dogs the whole way down. We went to the early show, next year the late one is the way to go. I took pictures which will follow. Sunday went on a 30 mile road ride, felt good. Dinner plans sunday night, a bit out of control, we had a blast though. Monday was super nice, so I was domestic and built garden beds out front of the house for a bit, then rode Tiger Mtn. Tiger just opened for the season and I have heard good things. Bunches of climbing, typical North west climbing too, steep. Typical NW decsending too, wet and rooty. Cant wait to ride it again. Have you ever noticed that cold water slows the firign of the quads down. I am lovign my bike more and more. Why are more people not on 29ers I just flow over things with ease. Go out and ride one. Smooth like butter. smooth. So today I am supposed to get my Vulture jerseys, so I did yard work and waited for them to arrive, sadly they have not yet. I have heard so much about them that I want them now. It has now been 4 days since they left bend, that doesnt make much sense to me. Patience is a vitrue and I have little of it right now. So life is happening, and posting is not. Again I will try to get more pictures I just get so focused on riding that I forget about photos.

what bike event would be complete without it. What blog? Miichael of Cranked mag, Jason was there too.
The early show line. I took night shots, but they just didnt come out that great. Notice the tall bike. Thanks for viewing and as always keep pedaling.


vulture said...

yeah! Nat got his jerseys. Cant wait to hear the story

Brandon said...

Just found your blog and I love to get to know other crazy ass singlespeed nutz. Check me out at Track Daddy. I will soon be back on the bike and I am wanting to start doing some endurance mountain bike events...