Friday, April 07, 2006

planning for my birthday..

Looks like the celebration wont take place on my birthday, but will happen on Memorial Day weekend, hoping to travel to Bend, hang out with the Vulture, check out his new shop, and have a good time. Ride the trails of Bend and then head on over to Oakridge and ride some of the trails there. Life happens and May is shaping up to be a busy one, with Danielles sister and kids in town, Street Fair in the U district, think lots of drunk college kids reeking havoc. Well at least thats what I am told. The brewer is putting some heavy hitters out for the Craft Brewers Guild that is coming to town, big, big beers. A Belgium Trippel, Trombibulator, original brewed to celebrate the 500th brew at the Big Time. Decade, original brewed to celbrate the 10th anniversay, Emeritus brewed to celebrate the return of a former brewer and to celebrate our 17th anniversay, and on and on.

Filmed by Bike might make its way to SEattle, it is happening April 15th down in Portland and may make it this way later in the summer. This would be good. I am looking at taking a part time job promoting bikes for the Cascade Cycling club, we will see if it fits in to the schedule, might make things a little hectic. I am getting really excited about all things bike again. I am making my commute longer and longer I hope to be up to about 20 miles a day just for the commute here real soon, currently I range from 10 to 20 depending on the day and how I am feeling, still easing back in to it all. Been out on the fixie a bit more and looking in to going fixed off road, and would love to be racing a little cross on the fixie if everything falls in to place. From Wades blog it looks as though the jerseys will be in by the time he leaves on vacation. I hope that he sends them out before he leaves. I really cant wait to get em. Twin Six stuff should be here really soon, I like the argyle jersey the best. Oh that reminds me to get a photo and post it here real soon, argyle is the theme. Oh time to stretch and things and then head out the door for a ride prior to work. I like the sun being up in the sky later and later. Tiger MOuntain opens up on the 15th, its a local ride 11 mile loopy thing that feels like a ride as opposed to a twisty go in circles like some other places. Summer, summer summer, rock on and as alway keep pedalin.

Just remembered that I wanted to put a link to these cats riding tall bikes around england. I am super impressed and their website is quite fun to poke around, I will keep myself tuned in to what they are doing.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Filmed by Bike *MIGHT* make it to Seattle, and that's a new development this year for the festival that said it would never travel. The MIGHT is pretty big, so ya'll better come down!