Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sun top Exploration

ON monday we took a ride towards Crystal Mountain to in theory ride the Sun top trail. I ahve been told that the sun top trail is quiet the epic, a long steep fireroad climb, followed by a steep single track climb and then a descent that goes on forever. I have been told to think of cramping fingers from so much braking. MOre please. We had a big snow year here in the northwest and everything was looking good untill we hit about 4,000 feet in elevation that is where the snow closed in on the road. We contemplated hiking but we had a ways to go and although I have never ridden it, the other two people I was with had and they said not worth the effort. I have never been a huge fan of hiking my bike, if I liked to hike that much I wouldnt have a bike. Nothing against a little walk in the woods, but lets face it a whole lot more can be seen and taken in from the seat of a bike. So we turned around bombed down the fire road, and rode the Skookum Flats trail. Which i rode about a month and a half ago, but it was much drier and faster this time. In this same area there is also the Ranger Creek trial, and crystal mountain is not too far off. I plan to find a way to link all three and attempt to complete them in one ride. I am confident that if my fitness keeps improving that I will be able to do this by the end of the summer. I think the ride will be somewhere in the 75 mile area, with gobs of steep northwest climbing. But given my past endevors I think that I could get it done. I plan to know all the loops before I link them all together, not need to be route finding while going for time. I hope that the sun stays out up here, it has been absolutly amazing this week, highs in the 70's, and sunny. Almost makes me forget about the rain. not really. So I have been getting more and more miles, I am averaging over a 100 a week and up to 150 which I think is good considering where my body, mind and soul were last year at this time. Lots of road miles, and geared to boot, but there is one way to get back in shape, carefully, and by taking steps to get there, not big jumps. So although I would like to be out there for more miles, I am happy with what I do get. Hopefully next year will be different. But that is next year I am here and now. ONly about 10 days until I leave for bend to hang out with a lot of good people. I am excited about this. over and out and as always keep pedaling.

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