Thursday, May 25, 2006

off to bend

I am off to bend oregon to hang out with the vulture, hopefully ride my monster cross off road fixie, that is if wade has put torch to metal and worked his magic, and continue to celebrate my birthday. I know it was on the 12th but I turned 32 and that means 32 days of celebration. There is a posse from reno coming up, been a long time brothers and sisters and another posse coming from the land of rain and sunshine that I now call home. So not that I have been blogging that much anyways, I really liked the last post so I wanted to leave it up front for awhile. Not much is different although we have been dealing with a bit more grey than sun lately, and the weather forcast is calling for thunder boomers in Bend, but I am going to have fun no matter what.
As far as my health energy comes energy goes some days are better than others, it gets old, still transitioning from one place to the next, life is always in motion, ever changing. I am planning to get my in city race on here in a bit, there is a big art show coming up sponsored by reload bags, that has a race with it and on the holiday of all holidays 6.6.06 there is a race to celebrate one of my all time favortie bands slayer. The new summer Cranked mag came out, the boys sure have been busy, it is full of great info and articles. So the end of may and early june are full of things to do, work is work after all, it pays the bills, although getting home at 3 every night gets a bit old and wears on the system, not the greatest for the recover angle of things. But I digress, I will rise again, as always pedal pedal pedal, and keep pedaling.

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