Wednesday, May 31, 2006

return from bend

Well it was an amazing time. It brought back so many memories. It threatened rain, but only sprinkled, and I got to spend lots of time by a blazing fire telling stories, listening to others tales, laughing hesterically, and riding my bike with many, many great people. First off bend has some of the greatest trials, singletrack nirvana perhaps. I get lost as soon as I get on the trial system, there are just that many, all of them fun all of them fast, and swoopy. is that a word. So enough about that here is the real story.
I had four days away from seattle, got up friday morning feeling just awful, had to go to a doctor, met a really cool naturopath/doctor who had more time for me than any doctor I remember in the past and actually was a real person, no white coat, no stuffy attitude and most off no waiting forever in the waiting room and then the paient room. Community medicine rocks. So we were off and even on schedule, we did however wake up much earlier than expected. Truck was packed to the gills. dogs, bikes, camping stuff for days we were ready to hit the open road, a bit of traffic, memorial day weekend and all, so we detored down the washington side of the gorge and hit up a little brewery, Walking man, I really love their beer, got to meet Bob and Jacob the owner and the brewer, and sample some great beer, everything they brew is over the top good. The old stumblefoot barely wine, the homo erectus ipa, the knukledragger pale and on and on. Good break on the drive down, off to bend we went, more traffic in and underpowdered early 90's two wheel drive toyota and we finally arrived at 7 pm, set up camp and quickly headed to get some food in town. Lets just say that the weather was ditinctly not warm and we had forgot a few key items, what to do but make do, nothing a large camp fire wont solve. Then it was off to bed.
Day 2
we had friends from Seattle that were making their way down so we went in to town got coffee, tried to get ahold of the Vulture, did get ahold of the Vulture, got directions and headed out to his land. A short trip out of town and we were there, I got to see his new shop, look at what was a tube set but with his magic would shortly be a frame and fork, watch him craft my fork. I spent some quality time with wade. he happens to be one of my favorite people and he seemed more foucused and directed than I had seem him, amazing what your own space will do for you, we joke about getting older and more focused and what it all looked like. Wade has some great ideas and projects in the works, if only I lived closer I would love to be more invloved, but I digress. Back at the camp site to wait for our friends to arrive. They pull up we unload the bikes and are off. The trails are awsome did I say that already, up Stormking, a few brake problems for Pete, down the Whoops trail, Keith nailed it, the worlds largest bmx course, so much fun, 24 miles later we are back at camp after some pioneering and some wrong turns we made it. We all decieded to stay put and enjoy the camp and fire, a few beers and then off to bed.
Day 3
There was rumblings of a 50 miler to which I flat out said no. We as a larger group took of from camp, and made our way up the trails. Now riding with a group of 20 is a little bit of a challange so eventually the group splits those that are going for 20 and those that are going for more. Everyone says the trail that those going for more are headed towards is amazing, well I sit the fence as person after person goes, I can no longer say no to it, you only live once right. Well I am sick and still on the mend and this would later come back to get me. I have to chase back on to the group, I do. Then comes a grinder up a climb with a headwind that is like riding on marbles, I had to glue my ass to the saddle or I was a sail and my rear end wouldnt hook up. Finally Marazik, hike some snow on the top section and then, oh my god so much fun, cornering speed and hook up amazing, we were flying down the trail. Seemingly endless. finally we navigate back to a place I recognize, 35 mile in, I ride a couple more and then call danielle to come get me. I havent done this before but I had been without water and food for an hour and my body was telling me to get to town and get some food so that is what I did. Wise I shovled in so much food and got myself feeling better.
Later that night Wade shows up with his girlfriend Jessica we tell stories, wade I will never forget the monkey story, I am glad you told it. Remember this if someone ever says oh I got a monkey story, listen up you are sure to laugh and laugh hard. He brings me my raw frame, and off road fixie with no rear brake bosses, a true monster cross frame. wade you rock, amazing. i cant wait to ride it. I am in the process now of getting it powder coated and then it will be shred ready. I cnat wait. picture soon. i am such a terrible picture taker, I love photography I just always space taking picutres. next time, next itme
Monday, day 4
the most beautiful of them all, we go check out Skelaton cave, the bend brewery and head home. arriving there a little after 11pm. Back to the day to day. Thanks to all on this trip it was truely amazing and it was great to see you all. over and out and as always keep pedaling.


Cellarrat said...

Can't wait to see what that monster fixie looks like =)

Thanks again for your writing and sharing.

Alyson Wilson said...

sounds like a great weekend... just found your blog. Thanks for the great posting!


Gonterian said...

Aye, Mrazek is as fine a downhill as you'll find in Bend that you can ride at this time of year. Make sure to get back when the "Flagline Trail" is open (after 8/15 each year.)....

Over and Out

Brandon said...

Let's see a picture of that new off road fixie monster frame!!!! Sounds like fun! I raced cyclocross two years ago fixed on a Surly Steamroller with only a front canti brake and 32cm knobs placed 3rd overall in singlespeed... TONS OF FUN!!!