Friday, May 19, 2006

Is it the next thing to go commercial?

I have always had a knack for choosing those things in life that are on the fringe, but on the way in to the mainstream? Dare I say trend setter? no, that I am not, I just choose things that speak to me, and are with principal not what others or the mainstream is doing. As a kid in the 80's it was skateboarding, watching skate flicks and being influenced by Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Gator, the Gonz etc. California Dreaming was a state of mind, if only I could have grown up on the other coast I'd think. I skated for years, traveled and got quite good, never could fully commit to moving and got talked in to going to college, but always my focus was my passion for attempting, and completing tricks or series of tricks or one huge gap. I learned the meaning of calculated risk, the value of perseverance, pain, passion, dedication, through skateboarding and skateboarders I learned much of what I know in one way or another, it defined me and to some extent does to this day. I still look at benches and ledges and the whole urban landscape totally differently than most, I imagine the possibilities, It is a playground, not just a city. Life throws changes at us all the time, most of the time I apporach these the same way in which I would a trick on a board, observe, try and try again, until you get it. So there you have it, but I must get back on track here. So while looking around the net I stumbled on this I have watched many of Gabes films in the past, and it looks like he is taking the next step in urban bike films, filming them like skate films, check out the trailer it is impressive, it has that rebel undertone to it, very marketable, read that with sarcasm please. That comment however brings it full circle, fixed gear riding is with rising gas price, trails being so far away, the next market to be pushed in to the lime light. I admit there is nothing like splitting lanes in traffic on a fixie, all your sense are engaged, it is one of the most alive moments, at times it is almost as though you have a glimse in to the future because you have to be that confident or you wouldnt be doing what you are doing. I am going to continue to do what I do, maybe one of these days I will get it together enough to captialize on my forward thinking nature, or maybe I will just live life day to day doing what makes me happy and what comes my way comes my way, I am me at the end of the day and that is really what matters, that and spreading the gospel of riding, so if urban fixed gear is the next skateboarding I am so happy because that means more people on bikes and at the end of the day more people on bikes is the best thing that could happen in this country. As I have maintained from the begining we will change the world one pedal stroke at a time, as gas prices climbs I will continue to smile as the inevitable is one step closer, more people will figure out the simple joy of riding a bike one pedal stroke at a time. thanks for reading. as always keep pedaling.


Sally Edith said...


This was really well written and poetic. I wish it could get to a larger audience. ...published??? somewhere else. Anyway, thanks for the read. I hope to talk with you soon. Love, Sally

Cellarrat said...


awsome post yeah its interesting when your rding a fixie and you just have to trust your sense of the road. almost as if your looking at your self. thanks for writing

Squirrel said...

Nat my brutha, great post, written with the passion all us die hards have. Thanks for the tattoo pics also, I'm linking you up to me blog.