Sunday, November 28, 2004

trans Iowa

I am starting to contemplate this race, the trans iowa race, put on by jeff kerkove, although it seems like it would be quite crazy to do. The time of year is perfect and the experience alone would be great, I am sure it would be an uphill battle on a single, but then again it could be just what the doctor ordered, 310 miles of suffering and navigation, it might be the perfect buildup for the Kokopelli race that Curiak puts on in May, I would like if he would sure up the date for that so that I would be able to know if I will have enough time to recover between the two races. I think this would be an epic experience, full of highs and lows and plenty of fun and suffering, a great training ride full of new experiences and bonding. Thats all for now, I have been taking some days off from training as I have not been that motivated and have yet to really take a break of any sort since I started training for the current season last December. Lots of reading and relaxing mixed with a little work and not much else. MUch needed, but I want to start skate sking soon to keep my fitness. Next week I am going to Auburn to ride some trails that I have not ridden before. Peace.

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