Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This is all so new for me

This is something, I mean this is going to be a learning experience for me so please bear with me through what I am sure is going to be a rocky start, as I am not that much of a computer person, so I hope we all have fun with this. I imagine by the time the season is up an rocking I will have this all figured out and it will be smooth but until I figure it out it will probably be somewhat rocky. It will probably be somewhat of a bare bones sight with mainly text in the begining, but I hope to bring photos and links and such in good time. Learn with me or laugh with me or at me whatever it takes.
My hope is to provide a forum for the endurance athlete and the single speeder, those not talked about in the glossy mags and not in the fore front of all that is taking place in the world of cycling. I think that the endurance scene is just one big family and so is the single speed family. I am going to attempt to marry the two and provide info and insights in to the mind of the so called pain freaks of the planet. Both these endevors make me feel so alive and part of all that it means to be human. Enjoy.

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