Sunday, November 28, 2004

errands in the slush

Today I knew that I just had to get out and ride the bike, the fixed gear, which is the bike I have been riding now and for most of the year to do my errands and just to add extra miles to the training. At the begining of this year I decided that I just had to do something other than just complain about how high gas prices were so I did, I made a pact with myself to not drive my car in reno, I was just going to drive my car to work, which is in Tahoe, and over a very large mountain pass, it would require about 5,000 ft of climbing on way to get to work on a bike, so I made a pact to not drive my car in reno and have stuck to that pact for the whole year, am I going to let a 6 inches of snow ice and slush stop me, hell no, I am going to keep on keepin on, it is also unusually cold here for this time of year I think it was under 30 degrees all day long, but a pact is a pact is a pact so I did my errands and spent about 3 hrs out on the bike today in the cold, toughens me up and keeps me honest, that said carrying 20 - 30 lbs of groceries on my back is quite a chore, but I love it and do you know how many crazy looks I got today, it was great. I also have more hatred for motorists than ever, I almost got put in to too many snow banks today by motorist in a rush and wanting trouble, in fact at one point in time I paced a front loader so as to mess with one irrate old man in a big truck who kept honking at me, but I had no where else to be, what do these people think we dont belong, that bigger is better, screw them, I was laughing the whole time I was doing this time trial next to the front loader, he ended up slowing down so that the crazy old man could get through. Mom always told me to play in traffic, look at me now mom. I love to ride my bike and what doesnt kill me will make me stronger the more I ride in adverse conditions the more dedicated I become. Thats all for now. Nat

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