Sunday, November 28, 2004

Snow in Reno

Hello to all I would like to be out riding my bike, or at least I think that I would like to be out riding my bike, my body after a long hard season my not be feeling like being out there, but I sure do love ridding my bike. Reno recieved a bunch of snow in the last day, about six inches and it has stayed cold enough that the streets are a mess. Now mind you I know that six inches of snow is not all that much, I did spend some winters in Tahoe and I grew up in Vermont so I have seen snow, believe you me. However six inches of snow in Reno has a way of slowing and I mean slowing everything down, they just dont know what to do with it. Lucky for them though the sun is very strong here and has a way of melting it for them as long as they are patient enough to wait for that to happen. I wonder what the last cross race of the season looks like today, I'll have to call Scott and ask him how it all went out there at hidden valley. Thats all for now, I will have more soon.

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