Thursday, November 18, 2004

nevada city trails rule!!!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding the fine trails of Nevada city. We could not have asked for a better day in any way shape our form. The trails were rollercoaster fun and sooo tacky and bermed out and perfect. We had a blast. We rode parts of the pioneer trail and the omega trail and a whole mixture of other trails that didnt have names or if they did I dont know them. I had the thought that this would be a really good place to hold a 100 mile race as the possibilities are endless, I dont know if logistically it could work, but as far as trails go they got enough of them to easily ride 100miles if it were desired. WE finished the day of with pizza and beer and all around it was a very good day.
Since I ride my fixie everywhere, except to work because it would involve about 5000 ft of climbing one way and I dont have that kind of time, I have the pleasure of seeing and witnessing things that many others dont simple because I am out there. I think that more people should be out there riding and becoming part of the fabric that makes up our society and brings color and excitment in to all. That is why I ride because I feel so alive that and the fact that gas is so damn expensive that I need to plan for the end since we are fast approaching the begining of the end. Thats all for now more later.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, glad you guys had a good ride yesterday. Did you do any of Round Mountain? It's on the South side of the River, West of North Bloomfield. The trailhead is right as you cross the bridge on North Bloomfield. If you haven't got to show you that trail, it's sweet. Anyway, post a pic of the new Vulture when it comes in....Talk to you later...oh and get my email addy into your address book.