Monday, November 22, 2004

29 er 1st ride

Today was a day I had been waiting for for a long time. Is that proper grammer? Anyways after being sick for the longest time in history that I can remember, one thing to the next to the next for me, I have been thinking that I may need some time off the bike but now with a new arrival I am too amped to ride and seeing that I just built up my new 29er from Vulture its time for some serious rides to see if I will bite the 29er bug. Now mind you I am not the tipical 29er rider, I am short 5'7" so I had needed the standover not to be incrdibly high or I would rack my member on the top tube. Both Wade and Derek at Vulture are great, super friendly and Derek is a master with the paint, wait till I post a picture of this beauty on here it is according to Wade on sexy bike, I think it is like now other that I have seen. Vulture specializes in single speeds so why wouldnt a man such as myself go to them, I have nothing but good things to say about these guys.
Back to the 29er set up, I went rigid for the time being a new experience for me, I am not an old timer so I have never ridden a rigid bike, my last single speed was my first hardtail, I started riding Full suspension and progressed backwards, or digressed or whatever you want to call it. Disc brakes are a must, and the eccentric bottom bracket also a must if you ask me. I am also riding the jones h bar, a very good bar, so many hand positions. I took the bike out and loved it, Wade did a great job of making it not feel overly big, I did notice a little difference, but the ride felt very similar to my Cannondale 1fg, although it did seem more stable and I had a rigid fork, which felt similar to the head shock on my other bike. I had a great time, traction is endless. I am impressed after my first ride, however it was wide open fast, which plays to its stregths. My first impression is that it felt good, I look to have more on it after tommarrow when I go ride the wonderful trails of Nevada City again. Caio for now.

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We're waiting for pics! ;)