Tuesday, May 06, 2008

South Lookout Mountain....

The crew at the top.

Kevin talked about this climb a lot last year, he mentioned that it was the one that helped so much in all the stars aligning for his Creampuff win. South Lookout Mountain, is a beast, while not as steep as some of the other climbs in the area, it definitely has it steep points, and it goes and goes with only a few breaks in the action so to speak. We had a rather large group that took awhile to organize, we started up Galbraith and then dropped of the backside. We even passed and old hippy commune. The group joked about all things inappropriate, Wolf Creek was mentioned, and a few other horrorish movies. Then the climb started, it lulls you in easy at first and then bites and doesn't let go. Dale and I joked about turning around due to snow and saying we couldn't go any further, little did we know that we would be hiking through snow, just not turning around. It has been the winter that won't end her in the Northwest. Last year at this time we were riding dry trails and the temps were at least close to 70, not barley making it to 60. I can count the sunny days on my hand, to think i don't even need to take a shoe of yet. That's just how many sunny, truly sunny days we have had.
We finally arrive at the top, what a great view we got. Then we took a really primitive single track trail off the top, which was more hiking than riding downhill.
We made our way back to Galbraith and the Whoopsy Woodle, back across the bottom and finished the ride.

As we hiked, or tried to ride, landing us on our faces more than once, through the snow we laughed and wondered what would be around each corner. We arrived at the top, only to see that we had missed the
"where's my sherp?"

Old man Plant? why is he always out front?

The beard makes the hike. thanks for taking the pics kevin.

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