Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Sunday in Hell....

While some were watching the week later airing of the Paris Roubaix, the original Hell of the North, we were out on a journey in the woods. What is with the week later airing of one of the best cycling events. Ever since that guy from Texas left the cycling coverage here in the states sure has gone down hill. Well enough about that. We had another great Sunday in Bellingham. The group was a bit larger the pace was still quite fast and the weather cooperated. We started off and ended on a trail called hush hush. My understanding is that this little technical number was illegally built, used to have a large log over the exit, and was scheduled for demolition. However instead it was adopted in. Now there is a big since at the exit stating that it is in fact "hush, Hush." We had it all on this ride a bit of climbing 4500 in the total 30 miles although that is a bit misleading as 400 of it was in the 12 miles of rail to trail to and from the actual ride. We encountered some snow, at the top of one of my favorite descents, black diamond, a flat or two, and some sunbreaks. All in all it was a good day on the bike. I wish I could say I have pictures, but alas the camera was left at home again. As always we finished the ride off at Boundary Bay with a few pints. The legs felt ok, just not to powerful, but all in all I had a great time. As always keep pedaling.

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