Friday, April 18, 2008

life takes over...

A wise man once said..."life is what happens in between plans." Ain't that the truth. The plans are still there it just seems that I have been spending more and more time occupied by work, sleep and not much else.

Legs are still feeling mushy.

Mind is a bit like pudding right now, oh and it just started to snow...couldn't think of anything better......

The plan is to take it day by day and hope for some more sun breaks, which will hopefully brighten and lift my spirits.

So life is certainly happening. I hope to get out this weekend for a ride or two, but the weather looks to be quite horrendous, with snow, wind and rain in the forecast. Maybe I'll just stay in and watch the Roubaix.

Spring is where, oh it was Saturday, I'm hoping for a week of summer sometime in the future.

Maybe it is all a plan to make me that spelling there.

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