Monday, February 13, 2006

a step in the right direction

I have been throwing around the idea of how to effect change in this crazy reactive world that we live in. I say reative as opposed to proactive, which I wish we would start being, the distint disadvantage to being proactive that if it stops the terrible end result, then it is a sucess, but there is no proof that what you did had any effect. Hence our fasination with only reacting at the last minuete. This group is attacking the suv, and demanding hybrid energy effecient cars be built, which is a step towards where we want to be. However the larger issue which we dont really want to look at is that the cars we drive are only a part of our dependence on foriegn oil. We rely on it for food production, cotton production, pesticides, and just about anything else you can think of. Mind you the above is a very short list of our relience on oil. The creation of hybrids will slow down the rate at which we consume oil, but there is the problem, it will do nothing for such things as congestion and sprawl, two of the major problems with our car dominant culture. IN fact it may only make things worse, as people will move further out of the city, because they are driving fuel effecient cars. I think that more money needs to be put in to alternative forms of transport, I would like to see taxes be put on the driver of the vehicle not the entire society, I would like car free zones in cities, and open spaces for recreation etc. I know that there are issues with some of the ideas that I am putting forth here, but everybody has a reason for having their car, and yes we as a society are set so that it is harder to move around with out a car, and yes the fact that i am fit makes it easier for me to advocate for cycling, that and the fact that I dont have to be dressed up when I get to my job, or to see clients, so there is a need for steps to be taken away from cars, baby steps, and yes more fuel efficency is a good thing, if people dont just drive more because they are saving on gas, the age old the more you make the more you spend paradigme. So I leave you with this, think of one obstacle and a solution to that obstacle and work to change it. Right now I am coming up with a birthday challange for myself that centers around these such things. My 32nd birthday is in May hopefully I can come up with something monumentous by then if not,it will have to wait until next year. Health comes first and I have a lot on my plate right now, but the seed is being planted. Baby steps, even if it starts with one day a month alternative transportation, do it. YOur mother earth will thank you for this. Reduce Reuse Recycle and Simplfy, ask yourself do I really need to do it the way I always have, what small thing can I change, I bet you will find that it is not that hard, the hardest part is just getting out the door. 90% is in the mind, once at it, you will see that it is not as hard as you may have thought, and I could be wrong but I doubt it. Alternative transportation has the ability to change so many things other than just congestion, childhood obestiy, our obesity problem. The real question is how to make it appealing to not be in a car in a car dominant society. Heres to gas price increases which will have a dramtic effect on all things, but will motivate people, as the age old saying goes hit em where it counts. Back to the larger issue our dependence cars, it is an infastructure problem, combine with the fact that other options are not conviently avalible. We as a society and community must analyze all these things and work towards change, locally and globally. I for one would like to leave a legacy that my children are proud of, not one that they have to clean up after. I am a huge advocate of personal responsibity, a ideal that we as a society have lost touch with, but that is another rant all together. I know I am prone to ranting and raving about the issues. We are startign a garden in front of our house, and working to do somethings to create a sense of pride and ownership in our small couple of blocks. More on that later. Stay strong and as always keep pedaling. If anybody wants some really good stickers that are political in nature, check these out and print them out yourself.

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Drew said...

You've got the right ideas. Your politics are right on the money. If more local and state governments were in this mind set we would be moving into the right directions.