Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I see light....

at the end of the tunnel of work right now, even if it is only for a brief moment. It has been unseasonable cold, sunny and dry here, which has dried the trails out. On sunday I went to an area called Tolt Mcdonald, one short steep climb and then a twisty maze of trails. I got lost more than one might imagine, rode the same trails in opposite directions and even the same for a bit before the spidey senses kicked in and told me that I had been here before. I should have brought the camera, I always forget to get photographic evidence of my adventures. Maybe I will put a post it note on the door that just says camera. I must admit that sometimes my memory fails me. Last year around the same time I had been there with Kent Peterson, we also got horrible lost for a bit. Last week was a lite bike week and a heavy off the bike week, thank god the construction is almost over, they move in this weekend, that also means lots of work this week to get the house finished. Thursday is a fundraiser for SOS, so no snowboarding this week. Hope to get at least one more Mtb ride in this week, am aiming to get one a week in on Sundays usually. Soon I hope to get back to volunteering with the trail building effort under the I 5 here in the city. I am excited to explore this summer, camping, and ripping some new trail.

Speaking of this summer I am going to attmept to get some other items in the works along the lines of this, or this.
Can you believe this, I cant imagine what we are thinking, I am open minded, but this stikes a little close to home, why are our ports controled by anyone other than a us company, I believe that we need to be in control of our own ports, when will the madness stop. How did we get to this point, soon if this all keeps up we may have no control over our borders, I ask with unemployment and all the other social ills is it really smart to give away jobs and control to foreign companies. The more I read and learn the angrier I get, I am sorry, but we need to be aware, each and every one of us. I cant stress this enough. No wonder other nations laugh at us we are more concerned with Britney Spears and K fed or Nick and Jessica than we are with those things that really shape our future. One possible answer that I have come up with is that we no longer feel that democracy is working, we no longer feel that we as a citizen can make a difference. ah yes we are consumers not citzens. Cynical, sarcastic, my defense mechanisms for the state of the nation. I have always thought about getting involved, maybe this will be the year.

In lue of recent events, these have a special place in my heart. order your today.

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