Thursday, February 16, 2006

busy busy busy

So I have been riding a bit more, with gears no less, so that I can get in longer rides with less muscle fatigue. May sound like an excuse, but in my opinion it lets me be on the bike with less risk of over doing it, which is good. Gears only on the road, still one off road. Hoping to get out Sunday with some folks to do a little sampling of the local flavor. Looks to be sunny. We have had lots of sun, and cold, the wind is coming straight down from alaska, unseasonably cold and sunny. I have just been commuting in it though to and from two jobs. It is a bit tiring to work construction during the day and standing on my feet all night at the bar slinging great beer, the construction will end soon thank god, as the weather has been nice and all I have been doing is slaving away. Moderation has never been my strong point, isnt that what got me ill in the first place, so the riding has suffered and so has the recovery a bit, although I put sleep on a high priority, I have even been catching a cat nap here and there to get through the day. So tonight it is off to the hills to teach snowboarding, I have over extended just a bit, but it will suss its self out real soon, hence only the words lately no time to surf the net and get links and pictures etc. I will work on this. Planning for the summer, riding and camping and maybe a few races, nothing definate though, I am keeping it open, next year I would like to be a bit more focused, but that is too far off to plan for right now. Life takes awhile to settle in to, with the move and different job and relationship, right now I am just happy it looks to be smoothing out a bit. hope to take some pictures on sunday, maybe too in to the ride though, we will have to see. as always keep pedaling.

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