Thursday, July 14, 2005

I cant think of a good title

So I have been feeling better. Not whole yet, but I have a little more energy. It has been hot here, very hot. In the upper 90's to lower hundreds. Kent is the man. Kent Peterson finished the Great Divide race on a single speed. Need more be said. Can you just imagine. I can not wait to get together with Kent and hear all the tails from the trail. He is probably recovering, getting back to work at the shop and writing his article for Dirt Rag. Kent thanks for the support and inspiration.
Lets send white light to all in London. Unfortuanatly I think we are just going to have to get used to these kind of insidents, acknowledge them, be mournful, but not let it keep us from living out lives and doing what it is we want to do. It is what it is. That is what it is. Some buddist type philosophy. Acceptance is the best policy. Just as i have to accept my situation, we as a nation and a world must accept our position.
I have been working on getting socks made for Vulture, they will be the old school logo wool socks, in the 5 inch cuff range. It looks like they will be avalible just in time for cyclocross section. I am also working on getting some different beanies made, not so gangster as the first run, those as well should be avalible around cross season. thanks to jay at dlx skate supply for the connection.

Anyone out there got a set of new or used s/s cross wheels they are looking to get rid of let me know.

Not much else just trying to make it through another day, I have taken up Pilates, or what i mean is I plan to contiune after my intro class last week. This is supposed to really help with lengthening and strengthening muscles. The trainer said I was badly in need of some flexiblity, my hip flexors are so damn tight. Not much else.

Gonter put out a trailer to a fixed impression video, which I think is excellent and can not wait to see the full length film. Check it out at Where you can download the neccesary Quicktime 7.0 if you dont already have it. Gonter, it would be great to hook up sometime. I like what you are doing. Vulture Culture is alive and well. I like the reverse circles, I have trackstands down, but not reverse and not the reverse circles yet. Keep the rubber side down.

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