Friday, July 08, 2005


well I finally figured out how to get my mug up on the profile side of life, and I added a couple of links, for a guy that just over a year ago knew nothing about the internet and especially blogs and such, this whole experience has been much learning, believe you me I have a long way to go before I am considered any kind of wizz kid. Blogger makes it easy, I had to move things around and try and try different stuff, but for the most part they make it easy to do. that said I am still sleeping more than should be humanly possible, although last night I tossed and turned until early morining before I was able to finally find some fitful rest. So I finally crawled out of bed a little before 1:30 pm. I guess all the years of living at full throtle have caught up to me and I am in for a bit of rest. I am coming to terms with this not being a season at all for me and looking forward, to Seattle and bike commuting and new outlet, fixed of course. That and working on the marketing end of Vulture with my friend Amanda. With the goterian handleing the bloging duties. We are becoming a little vulture clut family. Well more later. Thanks to all who keep stopping in to see how I am doing.


Anonymous said...

no matter how long it takes to get back on the bike you will still rock on your SS bike and no one can take that away from you !!!!
I know someone that has the same problem and know one knows why ???
Almost a year and he is feeling better now !!!!

Jeff Kerkove said...

Nice picture. Evil. But, nice.