Friday, January 11, 2008

Things are going....

Here I sit all broken hearted.... no really, like sayings on bathroom walls here I write things to stave off boredom. Thanks for reading.
There is something wrong with the race to get in to the race if you know what I mean. New Year's Day was dedicated to filling out race registration forms for events in months. One of the hoops we must jump through. I have taken to signing up for the races I want to do right now, gives me something to shoot for, a reason to "train". Training, I like to call it riding with a purpose, fitness is fleeting and I keep chasing it down, occasionally a bar stool gets in my way. On that front, I have cut way back, see what having a goal can do to you.

Enough about that. This weekend it is another trip to Bellingham, for a group ride, probably in the rain, it has a way of doing that here. Next weekend the trip to Eugene for All Comer's Meat, the Disciples of Dirt really know how to have fun. Last years details are a little hazy, the parking lot antics late at night go down as some of the best ever. I'll leave it at that. So there you have it, my little rant for the always keep pedaling.

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