Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday's are going well...

Each Sunday of the new year we have made the trek to Bellingham for a ride that we say will last 2 to 3 hours and always lasts at least 4. The best intentions. My friend Kevin and his wife just had a baby boy, and he likes spending time with them, but always ends up with a bit more time on the bike than planned. Hell last week he took a wrong turn on his mountain and we ended up getting in some bonus singletrack. It is amazing that we keep riding partners, between snow, mud, freezing digits and early season fitness we just keep rolling. This past Sunday was like the others, only Kevin left us early to get back home and we pushed on, the day was perfect, sunny, we joked about the light in the sky. We haven't seen much of it lately. Although the forecast is calling for a stint of sun, I will have to take advantage. Lets just hope it melts the snow we got last night????? It doesn't usually snow here, I got to ride home, I was amazed at how fast I could travel in the slush on my 28c tires. I had a blast. I tried to get some good photos, but I just looked like a wet rat.

So far I have these races on the schedule:
24 hrs of Old Pueblo (duo fixed) with Dave Nice
the test of metal
cascade cream puff

tentatively I would like to also race:
dirt, sweat and gears, ssusa
tahoe 100
and some that are just kinda on the radar.

Other than that I plan on exploring around the Seattle area and riding as much as I can, and still not get too tired. I always remember what happened to me and it keeps me honest, not trying to do too much, but enough to be competitive. Less is more as you get older I keep getting told. Recovery is key. Don't I know.

This weekend a group of us are heading down to All Comer's Meat, in Eugene. It was straight up debauchery last year, this year will be a bit more tame I imagine, but then again you never know, parking lot wrestling at 1 am is always a good time. The drive home the next day was one to remember. The last 90 miles we were on the top of a flat bed tow truck. I will not drive this year. Rode fixed last year, still trying to figure out if I will again, most likely I will. I just sold my mountain bike wheels and won't have new ones till later next week. I could change parts around, or I could just ride what I got. there you have it. As always keep pedaling.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nat,

Thanks for beers the other night. I'll have a ss mtb together in the next week or two and will be bugging you about Bellingham rides. Megan and I made it into the SSWC, now we gotta train for it....