Wednesday, January 09, 2008

300th I in

That's right, I had no intention of that being the title, but there you have it. Is it me or does it seem like mountain biking is making a come back? The first of the year I was on the web at New Year's, like many, many others, waiting to sign up for a race in August, a single speed only race no less. More on that later. After spending all day running around I rushed home at 6 pm to sign up for the Test of Metal, which is in June. Both these races filled up faster than, I was looking for a good analogy, but just couldn't think that clearly yet, something about my 400 lb friend at the all you can eat buffet, but that just didn't seem to make much sense. There you have it both races filled up with in minuets, of opening. The Test of Metal, for those of you who don't know is a 67 km race out of Squamish, BC that I am told every Northwester needs to do. Last year I missed the sign up by a few months, didn't know you had to be armed and ready on the first of the New Year for a race months and months away, chalk it up to being under prepared or just lacking computer savvy or planning skills for that matter. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants a lot of the time, just ask some of my riding partners.
"you got a bar i can borrow"
"how bout a few of those Bloks?"
"you need all of that?"
"tube anyone, how bout a lever?"
I am exaggerating a bit, but I tend to "misplace" things on occasion. Thanks to all those who have been there for me.
Back to the World of registering for races. Test of Metal took my money right away, I knew I was in for sure, just had to wait a few days for the confirmation email, got it, now I am committed to lining up and completing this must do race. The SSWC was a different story. I woke up on Sunday morning to an email from a friend, I believe the title was"I'm in, I'm in, I'm in" There was nothing from them in my in box. I quickly punched in Dicky's blog address and saw that he was in as well. My little heart sank, but then again I hadn't gotten a rejection email as well which a bunch of my friends had, so I was still hopeful. I began analyzing every detail about the registration process, which was a bit hazy due to the time constraints. In the coming days I came to the resolution that I would just go down and hang out and have a great time, as that is what it is really about, having never raced in the SSWC I really wanted to officially do it at least once. Then with all the bitching on MTBR....please I would never bash the promoter's or bitch, it was obviously going to be hottly contested with 1 in 4 getting in or something, I am sure they have other tricks up their sleeves for the start, or the whole weekend, it is about having a good time racing your bike in a different atmosphere, the race is why we gather, but the real reason is to be surrounded by like minded individuals. We will take over the world.....
Sorry to make this so long.... having not received anything I sent an email to the headquarters to see what the story was, I assumed I was SOL and just going down to heckle, so you can only imagine how surprised I was today when I got the "your in" email. I'll be there and in the race.

Thanks Dave, just what i needed to help with my training regiment.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I will be at the Test with my drop bar Vulture SS. I am still deciding between doing it fixed or free. It sounds like a great time with a strong SS field. Anyway I hope to see you out there.