Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The epic sundays continue

We finally got a camera out on the ride, see the above photo, then the batteries died. Guess that's how it goes sometimes. While we didn't get much photographic evidence of the epic sunday ride, we did have another epic time. This is fairly early in the ride, later on the sun came out and we could not have asked for a better time. Dale Plant graced us with his presence, and proceeded to show us all why he is dubbed "the great one" He stuck it to us again and again, and he wasn't even riding his own bike. Something about doing a lot of skate skiing. The last couple of weeks we have stayed on Galbrieth, we wanted a bit more climbing on different trails. We had just that. Long extended climbs followed by snow grinding and a bunch of hiking, due to deep unrideable snow. The hiking actually helped warm the feet. I imagine we will be back again next weekend for another epic, although the weather is supposed to be a snow rain mix. oh fun.

I have struggled with keeping my feet warm. I have old winter boots from Gearne, but the toe box is just too small and they cause my feet to go numb, well my big toe to be exact, for a day or two. I have toe covers on my sidi's but even with two wool socks on I just can not seem to keep my toes from freezing. This week the 30 mile an hour wind didn't help either. I just keep thinking that the weather will get better and I will be able to postpone biting the bullet and getting some real winter boots like the lakes, or the sidi's I just don't have the coin right now.

3 weeks from Old Pueblo. I am still tossing around what bike i will be riding, now that I have the tomi cogs here, I might not bring the monster cross and bring the 29er instead. Dave and I will have so much fun. I hope it is warm down there. I have held off looking at the weather report so as not to get my hopes up too much.


Cellarrat said...

I can't wait....

I've been told have lots of sealant in the tubes!

Anonymous said...

What size shoe do you wear?

Because i have some Lakes that i want to get rid of.