Thursday, November 23, 2006

thanks to all

Today is more about thanking those in your life past and present than it is about 12 oz curls and the food coma. So to all those friends and family past, present and to yet be determined I say thanks. To the onespeed family thanks, we are al brothers and sisters to the core. Cyclist lets be a family road, mountain, gears or not we are the chosen few who have seen the answer, bikes really are the answer to most of the worlds problems, ok I am over generalizing it a bit, but seriously they are the answer. Mom, rock on, fight the good fight, this is a heart felt thank you for being in my life here and now. Dad, thanks for putting up with my outburst and becoming a better father and friend because of it. There are too many people to bore you with thanking everyone. Kent Peterson and Dave Nice thanks for the inspiration, we will all have to get together for a ride sometime. Keith L, Pete and Smiley, seattle just wouldn't be the same without you, thanks for the chance encounter on your pub ride to celebrate Pete's thirty first. You have made a difference in my world. Keith Wegner if you are reading this thank you for getting back in touch with me, if you read this will you drop me an email with your contact info again, my computer died and with my connection to you. Same goes for my great friend Sara Lorden hope I spelled it right, if you read this the same goes for you. A big thank you to the internet, which has helped me to connect with my community at large. Thanks to the trails for all the joy they bring me. Ok Ill stop now, as I am getting a little choked up over this all. Seriously thake the itme to thank those close to you today, in this crazy world we all to often forget to take the time to apprecitate those around us and those things that we are greatful for. so here is to us, them and you. as always keep pedaling. over and out

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Anonymous said...

Back at you.... We for sure have to get togather for a ride or two!