Saturday, December 16, 2006

holi daze

tis the season, I have been super busy with work and parties, shopping not me, we have decided to go on a diet this holiday season and are abstaining from buying in to the whole buying gifts and giving big presents thing. dont you think it is not necessary and a corporate marketing sceme to get your money. Lets face it the season is not about the gifts it is about spending time and honoring those you love. I would rather save my money and spend it when my loved ones are around. enough about that. I got more eggnog to attend to. to everyone that reads this thank you. I will leave you with this, taking the my other skateboard is a fixed gear thing to a new level is this guy, mind you he must have been a street skater or more likely a Rodney Mullen fan. watch closely as it is impressive. It is obvious to me that he had a lot of time, or he just has really good balance.

Dustin over at Cadence had a link to utube and the above video, I must give credit where credit is due.

I have been riding the Vulture fixie a lot and trying to improve my skills, I can now bunny hop 6 inch obstacles and had the pleasure yesterday of dropping off a foot and a half ledge. I hope to bunny hop some stairs this evening.

A group is meeting up this evening to discuss an endurance race here in Washington, boy do we need on, the trails here are awesome, more on that later. back to the egg nog. over and out and as always keep pedaling. nat

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