Saturday, November 04, 2006

Class, nothing but class

AS the saying goes Holloween is a time for woman to dress sluty and for men to dress as woman and no one thinks anything is out of the ordinary. Wonder what people would think if I wore a dress every thursday, they would probably just get used to it, or I could just keep saying "its not holloween, opps, I thought is was!!!!" So above are some of the photos that my girlfriend snapped of me in my evening wear. The "rocker" in the picture is my co worker Jesse, he can really pull off the 80s rocker thing, dont ya think. There is a shot somewhere of us in a more revealing embrace, but that is not going to show up here, yet. You'll have to wait for that one. The only thing missing from the outfit is a cigarette holder. Class, nothing but class here all the time, every day. Not much else to report at this time, just wanted to show off my best evening gown, it sparkles. I also had the good fortune to wear stockings and let me tell you, I dont envy you woman, those things just wouldn't stay in place. as alway keep pealing.
my friends down in Reno have a new blog, lots of fun stuff. Check it out at Mark, shawn, wolfy, etc. its great.


Anonymous said...

Kinna looks like my 31st...


wolfy said...

Sweet. I think that's our first plug.

I think the need for dudes to dress up as chicks is part of our inhibited sense of style. We should start by telling each other we are beautiful each and every day, thereby obviating the need for 364 day repression, or holding crossdressing alleycat races, when we really should be dressing up as Luke Skywalker and getting back to our hero-envying delusions of grandeur.