Wednesday, November 22, 2006

did I die?

Some of you may be asking just that question. It seems that every time I get in to the rythum of posting more often than not life takes the chance to throw a curve ball at me to take me out of that oh so familiar pattern. It started over a week ago, I thought I'd have the weekend to recoup not race, my body was in need of a change of pace. One can race and ride only so much in the cold rain before it becomes a little tough on the body and mind. I already have problems at the change in the seasons, it always seems to take me a bit to get used to it being so dark all the time. I am in hibernation mode, curled up on the couch watching movies, a little bad tv, I dont let myself indulge in the evils of tv too much as it is no good for the mind, body or spirt, or reading books. I just finish GarbageLand, the tale of one woman from NYC following all her and her families waste to it finaly resting place. What an eye opener. It made me mad, sad and glad all at the same time, I dont mean to get on my soap box, but it may seem like that, we as a race and society really need to start taking all things, natural resources, waste and what we are doing to this here place we claim to love so that it will continue to be around. At the end of the day we all need to think about our consumption habits and scale them back. I know that doesnt sound glamerous, and a bit bland, but at the end of the day it is the answer to a lot of our problems, that and not to drive so damn much which is the real killer of the planet. So cyclist ride your bikes more for those short trips around the city, or country. It does make a difference and the more of us that ride the more power we cyclist have, and that is the real answer. Alright Ill stop for now.
back to the title, I didn't die, but I sure as hell did feel like I was going to. I slept and went to work and that was about it, my body ached and my lungs shot goo for days, I could barely breath, which made the daily trip to and from work fun, there I was coughing and huffing and puffing my 5 or 6 miles to and from work in the rain. I am sure that did great things for the cold. Enough of my bitching. I have to get going, but wanted to keep those of you who care informed. Sorry that this blog has become less about cycling lately and more ego centric, but it will get back to the cycling, of which I am doing a bit of, mostly commuting for the moment. as always keep pedaling and enjoying it.

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